Shree Shivkrupanand Swami has been honouring a mission since last 30 years which was bestowed upon him by his various masters meditating in the Himalayas since last 800 years in the Guru-shishya culture over there. He received self realization in the interior ranges of Himalayas, where he experienced the perfect harmony and oneness with nature. This is when his journey instituted in the society, to develop human consciousness, initiate the seekers and channelize the same experience among the practitioners of meditation free of cost. Because nature never charges earthlings anything and he too had gained the knowledge for no cost. His vision is to foster global harmony through individual transformation, and we as the meditation practitioners community of this foundation have experienced the same balance envisioned by our master.


Supported by 5 million practitioners in over 4700 Centers and 15 Meditation Sanctuaries worldwide, Shree Shivkrupanand Swami Foundation’s activities address all aspects of human well-being. Inspired by nature and its gifts, It hosts powerful yoga programs for spiritual ascension by connecting with nature and its elements. From deep meditation program to inspiring projects for society, environment and education. Shree Shivkrupanand Swami Foundation activities are designed to connect every individual regardless of race, religion, gender, colour to find inclusive balance, thus encouraging global harmony and progress.


At the core of the Foundations activities is a well suited system of yoga called Samarpan Meditation. Samarpan Meditation isn’t a technique but a pure state of flow, which was found 800 years ago by the practicing masters in the Himalayas and was developed, evolved and simplified for the modern person, initiating positive physical, social , spiritual and emotional wellbeing. These programsexpresses how spiritual practice does not deny social, family and worldly responsibilities, but rather enriches them to provide you a happier and more fulfilling lifestyle to the meditation practitioner.